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Russia And China Have Got Big Guns And Warplanes for War, US Is Losing the War – Report

Russia And China Have Got Big Guns And Warplanes for War, US Is Losing the War – Report
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Russia And China Have Got Big Guns And Warplanes for War, US Is Losing the War – Report

Two of the world’s superpowers, Russia and China, are spending big on their arms race and the United States might not stand a chance. According to reports, China and Russia are spending big on warplanes as they continue to dominate the hybrid war against the US. Will the US lose the next world war?

Russia and China Have Got Big Guns and Warplanes for War

Previously, the US along with its European allies has been known to dominate the sky. However, things might be changing as Russia and China are spending considerably on new weapons that could challenge such superiority. This will not only shift dominance but could also ignite a new arms race.

In fact, some of the fruits of such investments could turn up in the next few years as planes and antiaircraft capabilities. Moscow continues to flex its muscles across the Middle and Europe while China is pushing its bid in the South China Sea.

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“The most pressing challenge for the United States Air Force is the rise of peer competitors with advanced military capabilities rivaling our own,” Fox News quoted Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein.

US Is Losing the War

Furthermore, NATO admittedly knows that Russia and China are not only dominating the arms race but also the hybrid war.

“The technology is ours. The marketing powerhouses are in our countries. Yet we’re having this discussion against the feeling of being pushed. Against the feeling of being pushed by different actors: Russia, Daesh… also China in more subtle ways,” VOA quoted NATO’s Director of Strategic Communications Janis Sarts.

“Russia has really grasped the post-truth environment. And they will lie about things absolutely brazenly. They understand the weaknesses of our media in the post-Cold War environment: that we prioritize fairness over truth,” added Senior editor at The Economist Edward Lucas.

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