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Putin Allegedly Tries To Poison Hillary Clinton And America Is Out For Revenge – Report

Putin Allegedly Tries To Poison Hillary Clinton And America Is Out For Revenge – Report
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Putin Allegedly Tries To Poison Hillary Clinton And America Is Out For Revenge – Report

Russia has been allegedly trying to sabotage the U.S. elections. Also, Vladimir Putin is allegedly willing to go as far as poisoning Hillary Clinton. As Russia continues to be linked to a number of ill efforts, the question now is: will the United States retaliate? Could this trigger a world war?

Putin Tries to Poison Hillary Clinton?

Nothing is more sensitive than choosing the right leader for a country. For the United States, it is a matter of whether they will choose the person who will trigger the world war. Russia reportedly has its sights on sabotaging Hillary Clinton and pushing Donald Trump for the presidential seat.

In fact, a world-renowned doctor made a series of “outrageous” allegations saying Putin may be behind Clinton’s sickness. Previously, Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia.

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Dr. Bennet Omalu, known for his expose about the NFL concussion crisis, said in a tweet as reported by the Daily Mail, “I must advice (sic) the Clinton campaign to perform toxicologic analysis of Ms Clinton’s blood. It is possible she is being poisoned.”

“I do not trust Mr Putin and Mr Trump. With those two all things are possible,” he added.

America Out for Revenge

Nonetheless, whether or not Putin is behind Clinton’s sickness will not matter as Washington is reportedly trying to link the Russians to the elections. According to Pravda, the U.S. could intervene and veer away concerns on Clinton’s health by attacking Russia.

“The USA’s intervention into Russian, Libyan or Syrian domestic affairs has never stopped. Whether Clinton is sick or not, the goal of the White House – to change the regime in Russia – remains the same,” explained political scientist and publicist Leonid Krutakov.

The analyst also added that the U.S. government does not plan on meddling with Putin’s life.

“Clinton and her team will only continue to blame Moscow for Trump’s successful manipulations,” the expert said.

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