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Putin Sends Tanks To Europe, Turkey-Russia Alliance Could End NATO

Putin Sends Tanks To Europe, Turkey-Russia Alliance Could End NATO
Military parade to mark the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945 President of Russia / Flickr cc by 4.0


Putin Sends Tanks To Europe, Turkey-Russia Alliance Could End NATO

Vladimir Putin is not fazed with the opposition, as the Russian president has reportedly started sending tanks to Europe’s doorsteps. Furthermore, the brewing alliance between Russia and Turkey is expected to thwart NATO’s efforts, as threats of a new world war emphasize the importance of having friends. Could Russia succeed in conquering Europe?

Putin Sends Tanks to Europe

NATO once said that Russia is a threat, and it could very well be so, as alarming footage shows a train full of Russian tanks and equipment being deployed near Europe. While Russia denies having any thoughts of conquering Europe, the large deployment of military personnel outside the country may suggest otherwise.

Russia is making a move once more in Crimea, and this could serve as a threat for NATO and other member regions. Specifically, Putin is reportedly marching this week to send considerable Russian military hardware to amass in Northern Crimea. On Sunday, Russia closed checkpoints along the Crimean border near Ukraine despite concerns over Moscow resulting to invasion of the former state.

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The Daily Star published the footage that allegedly shows dozens of tanks on a train to Kerch in Crimea specifically the Krasnodar in Russia. Previously, Putin emphasized that Russia is not out for war, but if its security is threatened, the country will be forced to act accordingly. The statement came following reports of NATO military presence buildup near Russia’s borders.

Turkey-Russia Alliance Could End NATO

Another report from Sputnik suggests that as Turkey and Russia turn to mend their degraded relationship, the rest of affairs could be anything but ideal for NATO. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met Russian President Putin in St. Petersburg, Russia with the intention of fixing diplomatic and economic relations between the two countries. Furthermore, the alliance could be bad for NATO, as Turkey favors Russia, which is a perceived threat for the alliance.

“I don’t think the West had a direct hand in orchestrating it, as Erdogan himself and members of his party have put out or insinuated, not very subtly, but I believe the West knew about it, and while it was going on they stood back and didn’t provide the assistance to a NATO member, as they have done in previous coups of Turkey,” said security analyst Mark Sleboda on the failed coup.

“They stood back to see what would happen before they very belatedly announced their support for Erdogan’s government.”

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