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Putin To Launch Full-Scale War Against Ukraine, Report

Putin To Launch Full-Scale War Against Ukraine, Report
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Putin To Launch Full-Scale War Against Ukraine, Report

Russia has been in hot water following its military mobilizations near Ukraine. While several parties including NATO and the United States have voiced out their warnings against Moscow, Vladimir Putin seems unfazed and determined to start a war. Will Putin succeed in conquering Ukraine?

Putin to Launch Full-Scale War Against Ukraine

Ukrainian political expert Oleh Belokolos recently shared his thoughts on what Russia have in store for Ukraine. The world has been actively discussing the situation in Ukraine, including the issue of a possible Russian full-scale military aggression.

“Certainly, it is highly probable that along with the others, such plan is being considered in the Kremlin. The proof, in fact, can be found in the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation approved by President Putin on December 31, 2015,” wrote Belokolos for Ukraine Today.

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He also cited the document saying the actions of “the US and its allies,” including NATO, are a threat to Russia; “the anti- constitutional coup” took place in Ukraine with the “support of the US and the European Union”, including the fact that Ukraine “becomes a hotbed of instability in Europe directly at the Russian borders.”

Putin Unsuccessful?

However, as fearful as many are about the situation in Ukraine, the situation may have seen light at the end of the tunnel after Kyiv Post’s report claims that Putin lost in Hangzhou about the matter.

Putin was not successful in meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande to talk about the Kiev. Instead, he had to talk to them on different occasions. Likewise, Putin also reportedly gained a little from his conversation with U.S. President Barack Obama.

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