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Norway Launches F-35s To Attack Russia, Europe Crumbles Against Putin – Report

Norway Launches F-35s To Attack Russia, Europe Crumbles Against Putin – Report
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Norway Launches F-35s To Attack Russia, Europe Crumbles Against Putin – Report

Norway is betting on the U.S.-made F-35 fighter jets to help save the day against Russia. While nations clamor to ally with each other and plan coordination against the rising Russian threat, some believe Europe would easily crumble against Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. Is it the end for Europe and a new age for Russia?

Norway Launches F-35s to Attack Russia?

Norway has made its biggest public procurement on war machines ever. According to reports, the country decided to purchase the U.S. jets to increase capabilities in attacking targets in Russia should there be a real conflict. Norwegian Defense Minister Ine Eriksen was reportedly aiming to acquire 52 F-35 fighter jets.

In fact, Sputnik reported that the minister was so focused on doing such, she did at the expense of other military units. Norwegian newspaper Klassekampen reported that the fighter jets may be used should Norway decide to attack targets in Russia. The paper supposedly got access to a classified government analysis.

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There are three possible scenarios linked to the purchase of the F-35s: one is that Norway will require the full feet of 52 jets should conflict with Russia escalates to full scale; two, Air Force could use some of the jets to manage a momentary crisis in the region; and three, the jets could be used for operation of combat aircraft in peacetime.

Norway is expecting Russian ships and planes to barge into its territory where the jets would be useful.

Europe Crumbles Against Putin

However, even with such preparations, CNBC reported that the European Union may likely crumble or go soft before Russia.

“EU sanctions easing against Russia in January 2017 is looking less likely, given Russia’s lack of compliance against the Minsk benchmarks,” explained Mujtaba Rahman, Cliff Kupchan and Alex Bridau from risk consultancy Eurasia Group.

“However, Berlin and Paris recognize Minsk is not delivering; as such, October’s European Council is likely to kick-start a debate on moving towards a more ‘step-by-step’ approach, paving the way for sanctions easing after January,” the analysts added.

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