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No Hope for Peace Between Russia and US, New War Against Putin Brewing – Report

No Hope for Peace Between Russia and US, New War Against Putin Brewing – Report
Twin-Explosion in southeastern Kobane on 8th October 2014 quapan / Flickr cc by 2.0


No Hope for Peace Between Russia and US, New War Against Putin Brewing – Report

There is unrest in the European region as Russia continues to be perceived as a big threat to the security of the nations. However, the European front is also in disarray following the Brexit and there are now concerns whether the European bloc can hold its own when the time comes when an invader is at its doorstep. Will Russia succeed or will the United States be successful in its rescue?

New War Against Putin Brewing

“It would be a fatal error to assume that the negative result in the UK referendum represents a specifically British issue,” wrote European Union (EU) Council President Donald Tusk addressed a letter to EU heads of state.

“People in Europe want to know if the political elites are capable of restoring control over events and processes which overwhelm, disorientate, and sometimes terrify them. Today many people, not only in the UK, think that being part of the European Union stands in the way of stability and security.”

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There have been concerns on whether the European region can defend itself against the rising Russian aggression now that its unity is in question. Tusk admitted that the EU crisis is so deep that it may even end democracy in Europe. However, the bloc’s priorities are still intact.

“In this context, the effective control of our external borders comes first, and has both practical and symbolic dimensions,” he declared.

No Hope for Peace Between Russia and US

It is well known that Russia has been staging activities near Eastern Europe that have got parties like NATO and the United States alarmed. However, while some still pin hopes of reconciliation between Russia and the United States over cooperation in Syria, it appears that may soon be out of the question as both parties have started accusing each other of violating the ceasefire agreement. Specifically, at least 23 people were killed including nine children during Thursday’s air strike in Syria. US and Russia have started pointed fingers at each. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that it was still unclear who the responsible nation was.

“From the first minute Russia’s been meeting its obligations to enforce the cessation of hostilities in Syria,” the Russian Defense Ministry said via CNN. It added that the ministry was puzzled by the statements of the US State Department representatives about Russia and its obligation to fulfilling the agreements.

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