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NATO Wants Strong Defense and Deterrence Against Russia, Moscow Seems To Fear The West – Report

NATO Wants Strong Defense and Deterrence Against Russia, Moscow Seems To Fear The West – Report
Jens Stoltenberg Policy Networks (user:Flickr) / Wikimedia cc


NATO Wants Strong Defense and Deterrence Against Russia, Moscow Seems To Fear The West – Report

NATO’s stance on Russia has been a conflicting series of things as reports now say that the alliance wants strong defense and deterrence against the country while maintaining dialogue. According to reports, NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg sees no problem in increasing the organization’s presence near Russia while also trying to talk to the country.

“We have to combine the idea of strength, deterrence, defense and dialogue.”

“For me, there is no contradiction between strong defense and a political dialogue,” RT quoted Stoltenberg during a roundtable in Passau, Bavaria where officials like European Council President Donald Tusk and European Parliament President Martin Schulz also participated.

NATO Wants Strong Defense and Deterrence Against Russia

According to the NATO chief, “It is very important at the same time to avoid a new Cold War. We do not want a new arms race.” Nonetheless, he also clarified that he was not alarmed unduly with the deployment of missiles from Russia.

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“We’ve detected that they’ve moved the missiles, and this is part of a general trend we are seeing in recent times,” said the former Norwegian Prime Minister. “NATO has responded. You have to understand that we have implemented the biggest reinforcement of collective defense since the end of the Cold War.”

Moscow Fears The West

While it seems that Russia is not rattled by NATO, another report from National Interest reveals why the country may feel otherwise.

“But NATO can and does menace important Russian interests without posing an existential threat,” wrote Ted Galen Carpenter.

However, it might be difficult to see what Russia is still planning as the tensions continue. Some analysts say that Russia is not a threat to the countries unless provoked, while others believe that the country has been working on expanding its territory for quite some time now.

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