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NATO Wages Nuclear War On Russia

NATO Wages Nuclear War On Russia
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NATO Wages Nuclear War On Russia

The fear of a nuclear war has never been timelier, especially with NATO reiterating its stance against Russia. NATO is pushing the world on the brink of apocalypse, and it may even succeed in defeating Russia it if knows what cards to play.

NATO Waging Nuclear War on Russia

According to People’s World, William J. Perry, U.S. Sec. Of Defense (1994-97), can be considered a long-time inside player in nuclear weapons. While NATO’s role has been deterring nuclear war, it has become apparent to some analysts that it is doing the opposite. Its recent decisions are risking a nuclear war, no matter which way anyone tries to look.

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However, as what other experts said, the report argues that there is a lack of evidence saying Russia is thinking about an attack on the Baltic States. In fact, the report said that Russia is not thinking about such invasion, considering it will go against the U.S., and that committing such would be like national suicide.

“There is not one scintilla of evidence of any Russian plan to annex Crimea before the coup in Kiev and coup leaders began talking about joining NATO. If senior NATO leaders continue to be unable or unwilling to distinguish between cause and effect, increasing tension is inevitable with potentially disastrous results,” added Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.

What NATO Must Do

According to National Interest, if NATO is risking war and is adamant to deter Russia then it should be able to “reconstitute the analytic capability to process and exploit intelligence on Russian military forces and operations that once resided in the Alliance.”

Furthermore, it should bank and invest on its air power because it will give them the advantage over Russia. However, the more ideal move other than real military development is to emphasize to Russia that it is costly to wage a military war and it cannot afford such.

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