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NATO Prepares Nuclear Attack on Russia, Kremlin Peace Proposal Rejected – Report

NATO Prepares Nuclear Attack on Russia, Kremlin Peace Proposal Rejected – Report
U.S. Marines serving with 1st Platoon, Bravo Company, Battalion Landing Team, 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, NATO, International Security Assistance Force cross an expansion bridge while on patrol in the Helmand province of Afghanistan on July 1, 2008. Cpl. Randall A. Clinton, U.S. Marine Corps / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


NATO Prepares Nuclear Attack on Russia, Kremlin Peace Proposal Rejected – Report

Russia and NATO have not stopped going at each other since military activities in both sides have increased and since the annexation of Crimea.

Now, Russia is expressing concerns about NATO’s nuclear activities while the alliance just rejected a proposal from the Kremlin about keeping the Baltic air space safe. Is NATO gearing up for nuclear war?

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister expressed concerns about NATO’s joint nuclear missions as it supposedly poses a serious threat to the regime of non-proliferation. Furthermore, Moscow has been alarmed with the plans of the United States to install new nuclear weapons in Europe.

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NATO Prepares Nuclear Attack on Russia?

“Such joint NATO nuclear missions are a serious threat in the non-proliferation sphere as they contradict directly the spirit and the letter of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. It is a cause of great concern that the United States are planning to deploy new nuclear bombs of reduced power but with greater accuracy in Europe within the framework of modernizing its nuclear arsenal,” Sputnik quoted Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov.

Ryabkov also noted that the alliance has been working continuously in building up its missile capabilities close to Russian borders.

“Although this level has not been reached, the capacity of the US and NATO missile shield will be stepped up. In this regard, we consider Washington’s and Brussels’ reluctance to adjust its missile defense plans symptomatic, despite reaching agreements to resolve the situation surrounding the Iranian nuclear program,” Ryabkov said.

Kremlin Peace Proposal Rejected?

In another report from The Wall Street Journal, it appears that NATO is not interested with working on a “peacekeeping” proposal with Russia as it just rejected the Kremlin’s air-safety proposal for planes in the Baltic region. According to the proposal, planes would have their transponders on when flying over the Baltic. The report cited NATO officials saying that such proposal will not really improve air safety in the area.

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