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NATO Attacks Russia As Terrorists, Greed Spawns War

NATO Attacks Russia As Terrorists, Greed Spawns War
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NATO Attacks Russia As Terrorists, Greed Spawns War

It appears that there’s no more line differentiating terrorists and Russia as NATO just categorized both as threats. The alliance has reiterated its stance on Russia as an aggressor and that it will be using necessary measures to ensure Moscow cannot remain as such. Russia plans to retaliate in what many fear to be the start of world war.

Russia Now the Same as Terrorists?

NATO and Russia have claimed that their military recent efforts are for defense’s sake, but given the situation, experts believe an offensive stance could eventually spark war. NATO has been attacking Russia constantly with its recent position emphasized following the Warsaw summit. NATO leaders agree to increase deployment to manage the perceived rising Russian threat.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg categorized the Islamic State terrorist organization and Russia as two major challenges for the organization. Stoltenberg added that while NATO has been dealing with terrorism and has achieved good results, it still needs to accomplish more. NATO needs to work on a new operation to ensure maritime security in the Mediterranean while supporting North America and Middle East regional partners.

However, Russia is also threatening the security over Europe. This is different from what Stoltenberg said last June, according to Pravda.

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“We don’t see any imminent threat against any NATO ally,” he said.

“Russia is neither the strategic partner. We are not in a strategic partnership with Russia which we tried to develop after the end of the Cold War, but we are neither in the Cold War situation. We are in a new situation which is different from anything we have experience before,” he added. 

NATO Officials Got Greedy

Veteran Danish journalist O.K. Jensen, however, has a different take on the matter. According to the journalist, EU officials and NATO generals bit more than they can chew in light of Russia’s perceived rising power. He said that the military tension between the U.S. and Russia started becoming dangerous.

“The responsibility for Kiev’s loss of Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine lies squarely on the EU and star generals of NATO,” Sputnik News quoted Jensen.

“They should have stayed away from Ukraine, but greed got the best of them,” he added.

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