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Japan Signals Nuclear Attack To Russia, Moscow Has Hypersonic Missiles Ready

Japan Signals Nuclear Attack To Russia, Moscow Has Hypersonic Missiles Ready
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Japan Signals Nuclear Attack To Russia, Moscow Has Hypersonic Missiles Ready

Japan will be launching an all-out nuclear attack against Russia for its missile deployment. According to terrifying claims, the said nuclear war could devastate the world as Japan go no holds barred. Will Moscow and Tokyo trigger WW3?

Japan and Russia were supposed to work on their relations but things are not looking up. Russia’s decision to deploy anti-ship missile to Kuril islands may have hurt chances of reconcilitation. Japan previously said that Vladimir Putin’s decision was “regrettable.”

Japan Signals Nuclear Attack To Russia?

Tokyo has not promised to respond accordingly. This may include launching an all-out nuclea strike against Putin and his country. The Japanese are also thinking of concluding the 70-year-old dispute over the islands with the use of weapons if needed.

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Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hinted at what could happen to Russia. The official may have also warned about all diplomatic routes already exhausted over the matter.

“The four islands are our country’s inherent territory,” Daily Mail quoted the official.

“We have conveyed through diplomatic routes that this… is not compatible with our country’s position and is regrettable.”

Moscow has hypersonic missiles ready.

However, Japan may need to think twice about launching an assault on Russia. According to a new report from the Air Force Panel, Russia and China’s military technology are progressing. In fact, the two countries may already have a gap with America. They could threaten the dominance of US through their weapons technology.

“United States may be facing a threat from a new class of weapons that will effectively combine speed, maneuverability, and altitude in ways that could challenge this nation’s tenets of global vigilance, reach, and power,” RT quoted Mark J. Lewis, the panel’s chair and a former US Air Force chief scientist.

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