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Japan Gives Russia Last Chance Before War, Report

Japan Gives Russia Last Chance Before War, Report
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Japan Gives Russia Last Chance Before War, Report

Russia and Japan are working on managing their differences, but it still appears to be a long road ahead. Japan sees Vladimir Putin’s upcoming visit as the last chance to manage the territorial issue. Will the two countries go to WW3 or make peace?

Territorial disputes are a sensitive matter that goes on for years. Japan and Russia have been at it for decades, but it could change. Russian President Putin’s visit to Japan this December could be the last chance to make things work.

Japan Gives Russia Last Chance Before War?

According to Japan’s former education minister and now senior official in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Hakubun Shimomura, Japan and Russia could work it out.

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“The (upcoming) visit is the last chance,” as “Russia is not so easy to deal with,” TASS quoted the official saying. Shimomura added that it is now the right time to manage the issue. Japan and Russia would not be able to reconcile the problem of “northern territories” if they fail.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reportedly knows this. The two countries will not able to create a peace treaty without resolving territorial issues. Preparations are already underway for the meeting. According to presidential aide Yuri Ushakov, the meeting will happen on December 15 to 16.

 US, Russia, India And Japan To Come Together?

An American lawmaker consequently believes that the U.S., India, Russia and Japan could form an alliance for world peace. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said that the countries could work to secure stability and keep radical Islam and China in check.

“New alliances, like a grand alliance with the United States with Russia, Japan and India could well do more to preserve the peace and the stability of the world and secure our freedom – especially against radical Islam and China – than any of the old alliances could because the old alliances are not useful in meeting today’s challenges-compared to what they did 40 years ago,” said the official, as per Breitbart.

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