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Iran Fires Missile Capable Of Reaching US Bases Or Israel

Iran Fires Missile Capable Of Reaching US Bases Or Israel
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Iran Fires Missile Capable Of Reaching US Bases Or Israel

Amid the nuclear deal that Iran has entered into with other world leaders, a report surfaced that Iran had a test-fire for a long-range ballistic missile that could reach as far as 1,250 miles.

General Ali Abdollahi said the test-fire happened some two weeks ago. The missile has a range that could reach vital military installations in US bases in Israel and other parts of the Middle East, CBSNEWS reported, citing Iranian news agency Tasnim news.

With the missile’s zero-error accuracy, it can hit a target with high precision up to the 25-foot level. This, according to some war experts, is a dangerous military weapon to possess, especially with the tension going on in the region and with Iran’s commitment to refrain from its provocative actions.

Iran officials, however, said the missile launch does not violate the nuclear deal that the country has signed to show its commitment in keeping the peace in the region. The same deal did not sit well with other world leaders and one of the reasons why the administration of US President Barack Obama has been questioned by critics.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan belied that a test-firing of such ballistic missile occurred, as reported by the USA Today.

Instead, Dehqan said the US and Saudi Arabia are responsible for spreading black propaganda against the country’s defense program to make it look like that Iran’s ballistic missile capabilities have provocative intentions.

“Given there technical restrictions, the missile program makes a lot of sense for them. At the end of the day, they are beholden to the hardliners and the IRGC (revolutionary guard). The elected government is not the most powerful actor in Iran,” defense consultant Firas Abi-Ali told the USA Today.

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