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China Supports Russia, Beijing’s Rise To Power Becomes Dangerous

China Supports Russia, Beijing’s Rise To Power Becomes Dangerous
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China Supports Russia, Beijing’s Rise To Power Becomes Dangerous

The United States may be seeing its worst nightmare unfold as China made it clear it is supporting Russia’s bid in Syria. According to reports, China has been working quietly in support of Russia, but experts note that Beijing has its own agenda in dominating the world. Will China plunge the world in chaos?

China Supports Russia

Chinese military has started mobilizing for Syria in support of Russia. President Xi Jinping is reportedly backing up Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in opposition of the United States and at the expense of the ISIS terrorist group. There were reports claiming China has been working with Russia secretly in its war against radical terrorist groups in Syria.

According to the American Free Press, China previously sent teams of military advisors to work with Russian specialists running Moscow’s air, ground, and Special Forces campaign against the extremist group. Now, the two countries may have their sights set on America. The report claims that Chinese military support will see an uptick in the coming months. While there were denials before, Washington has reportedly been aware of the military contributions of China.

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Beijing’s Rise to Power Becomes Dangerous

This is not the only point of concern for Washington. A prominent commentator on Chinese affairs also noted how alarming China’s rise to power is.

“In its imagined world, the realization of Xi Jinping’s Chinese Dream will place China once again at the centre of the world, after a couple of centuries of being disrupted by Western imperialism,” quoted veteran columnist Frank Ching.

“In the Chinese imagination, this is not subjugation of neighbors but simply restoration of the normal order. To some, this is a return to the traditional concept of tianxia, with barbarians benefiting from Chinese civilization.”

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