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China And Russia Want War, Using New Military Forces & Exercises – Report

China And Russia Want War, Using New Military Forces & Exercises – Report
Vladimir Putin had a meeting with President of China Xi Jinping. President of Russia / Official Website CC


China And Russia Want War, Using New Military Forces & Exercises – Report

Russia and China have found allies in one another as both countries have been at odds with different world powers. The joint Russian-Chinese drills included anti-terrorist strategies and large-scale special tactical exercises in what many believe to be a show of might against common enemies. Is another World War just around the corner?

Russia-China Drills

The large-scale special tactical exercise runs from July 3 to July 14 in Russia’s Moscow and Smolensk regions. Some of the participants include Rosgvardiya’s Vityaz unit and Falcon commando units.

“Neighborly relations between our countries are a strategic line between the Chinese and Russian sides. Today, we are beginning a new stage of cooperation. We are glad to have friendly relations with our partner and are ready to carry out common tasks,” Sputnik quoted Sergey Chenchik, the chief of Rosgvardiya’s general staff.

Chechik’s Chinese counterpart also noted that Russia and China’s interior forces will enhance their mutual understanding and security in light of a regional terrorist threat through their joint exercise. Some of the assets set to be used in the exercises include armored vehicles, Mi-8 transport, and mortar batteries. 

Looking into Russia-China Relations

Nonetheless, there are some doubts on whether the Russia-China truly holds. A report from Asia Times claims that while the Kremlin seems to be turning to the East these days, Beijing’s “heart” will still be to the West; it will be keeping a close watch of anything out of the ordinary. Nonetheless, there is a seemingly common factor driving the two nations together: the United States.

“Moscow is now using the same strategy to maintain its own national interests. If there is a way that can help it resist the threat from the US while preserving a certain degree of mutually beneficial collaboration with Washington, cooperation with Beijing is the way forward… Indeed, the Kremlin’s ‘turn to the East’ is only a contingency plan, which was basically put into effect under pressure… Russia’s collaboration with China is more a matter of expediency, instead of a strategy,” the report noted.

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