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Britain Braces For Russian Nuclear Attack, Putin To Murder UK Pilots – Report

Britain Braces For Russian Nuclear Attack, Putin To Murder UK Pilots – Report
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Britain Braces For Russian Nuclear Attack, Putin To Murder UK Pilots – Report

Tensions continue to rise between Europe and Russia as reports about Moscow planning to murder to pilots to ground UK’s F-35 Fleet surfaced. More importantly, Britain is bracing for a possible Russian nuclear attack as it prepares its citizens for the worst. Will World War ensue?

Putin to Murder UK Pilots?

Britain’s former top General has claimed that Moscow might have plans to kill “40 or so” UK pilots so it can ground UK’s F-35s. The official issued a 10-page memo to the UK Defense Secretary in April before hypothesizing such.

Additionally, the report’s purported purpose is to provide critic the failure of British military to have sufficient trained personnel by relying too much on technological innovation as opposed to a skilled fighting force.

“The current Army has grown used to oprating from safe bases in the middle of its operating area, against opponents who do not maneuver at scale, have no protected mobility, no air defense, no substantial artillery, no electronic warfare capability, nor – especially – an air force or recourse to conventional ballistic or cruise missiles,” Sputnik quoted the memo.

There has been contention across the globe about nations justifying their military activities and investment in light of Russian invasion.

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Britain Braces for Russian Nuclear Attack

Speaking of Russian invasion and possible attack, a report from the Daily Star suggests that UK will be alerting citizens of any attacks via text and us of technological innovation.

“The fundamentals of the types of actions individuals can take to protect themselves from nuclear, chemical, or biological hazards have not changed since the 1970s and 80s,” Daily Star quoted a statement from the Home Office in response to a Freedom of Information request.

“But technology and communications developments have opened a wide range of very powerful tools to disseminate information rapidly from broadcast through to the internet, SMS text messaging and social media.”

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