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Britain Blocks Russian Attack, Jets Fight Off Bombers – Report

Britain Blocks Russian Attack, Jets Fight Off Bombers – Report
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Britain Blocks Russian Attack, Jets Fight Off Bombers – Report

Two Russian Blackjack bombers reportedly flew near the British airspace which got the nation scrambling. Pressed with the mounting concerns from Russia’s aggression, British Typhoon jets reportedly scrambled to intercept the bombers. Are Russia and Britain going for war?

The RAF aircraft  flew from RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland when Russian bombers reportedly flew to the west of Shetland. However, there were also reports saying that the planes did not go into the UK airspace at no point.

According to Sky News, aircraft from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire also flew as a “precautionary measure” although they were not instructed to intercept the said Russian bombers.

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Britain Blocks Russian Attack

“We can confirm that quick reaction alert Typhoon aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth intercepted two Russian Blackjack bombers and escorted them while they were in the UK area of interest,” said a Royal Air Force spokeswoman. The incident comes following heightened tensions between NATO and Russia as the two parties accuse each other of militarizing regions. Russia denied any attempts to conquer Europe but NATO maintained that it sees the country as an emerging threat.

Britain Threatens World Peace?

In another report from Express, senior Russian diplomats reportedly claims that Britain along with its NATO allies are threatening world peace.

“NATO members continue to build up their anti-missile potential in Europe as part of their so-called phased adaptive approach. We have repeatedly expressed our concern over the placing of strategic infrastructure in the direct vicinity of our borders as this affects our interests in the security sphere,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov.

“Moscow will keep a close watch on the situation and will not cease its efforts to explain the inevitable and undesirable consequences of the American project’s realization.”

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