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Wrong House Demolished, Company Won’t Apologize

Wrong House Demolished, Company Won’t Apologize
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Wrong House Demolished, Company Won’t Apologize

A house in Rowlett, Texas, in need of reparation following the December tornadoes, was mistakenly torn down by a demolition company.

Lindsay Diaz and Alan Cutter, who own both sides of the duplex, were waiting for the insurance and possible FEMA individual assistance declaration concerning the reparation to be made at 7601 and 7603 Calypso Drive after the tornadoes left behind significant damage in the Dallas area.

Diaz received a call from Cutter’s wife, sounding frantic over the phone, who said that the duplex had been demolished. The company, Billy Nabors Demolition, was supposed to take down the home a block away, at 7601 Cousteau Drive; however, due to a mix up, the wrong house was torn down.

“I pull up and — sure enough — it’s gone,” Diaz, who along with her son had survived the tornado that struck on December 26 by taking cover in a bathtub, told WFAA. “There’s nothing left,” he said. Diaz and her son stayed at a hotel for some time following the damage, but moved to a rented home afterwards. “We were geared towards getting the house ready; we were ready,” Diaz lamented.

A mistake had been made right down to the foundation, Diaz and Cutter said. “That’s what their job is  — to wreck it in demo, and they really wrecked my life,” Diaz said, as reported by WLTX.

The demolition company said “it’s not a big deal” according to a report from KUTV, citing WFAA Channel 8. Michael Richards Brandt, a resident, took to the company’s Facebook page. “We all make mistakes, and this was a colossal mistake, but an even bigger mistake is not reaching out to the people with a basic apology whose lives were catastrophically upended upon learning their homes were destroyed,” Richards-Brandt’s message on Facebook read.

This is not the first time the incident such as this has occurred. In 2014, an incident that involved the demolition of a home in Fort Worth, Texas, by mistake resulted in a $102,500 settlement, as reported by Star Telegram. In addition, several city employees were disciplined.

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