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World’s Saddest Polar Bear Locked Inside Chinese Mall For Selfie Purposes

World’s Saddest Polar Bear Locked Inside Chinese Mall For Selfie Purposes
Polar Bear James G. Milles / Flickr CC BY 2.0


World’s Saddest Polar Bear Locked Inside Chinese Mall For Selfie Purposes

Who doesn’t want to have a selfie with a polar bear? This mall from China seems to have taken it all wrong when it held a polar bear captive in a cage so mallgoers could take selfies.

Images and videos of Pizza, called by some as the world’s saddest bear, is currently doing the rounds online. The mall has drawn flak online, and petitions calling for the release of the animals continue to flood.

According to a report fromFox News, Pizza, a white polar bear hybrid, is one of the more than 500 species of animals kept by the Grandview Aquarium in a shopping mall in Guangzhou, China.

Soon after, pictures of the sad bear spread like a wildfire across the internet, and petitions, such as the one from Animals Asia, have begun to surface.

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Several petitions also criticized the mall’s practice. One of those who followed suit in the petition was People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). In a statement, the group described the zoo as crowded and artificial and is not fitting for animals.

“The Grandview Aquarium, like all aquariums, is part of a billion-dollar industry built on the suffering of intelligent, social beings who are denied everything that is natural and important to them. Many Chinese citizens have spoken out against the animals’ living conditions at the zoo, and a WeChat post about the appalling facility has gone viral,” PETA said in a statement.

Despite the growing awareness among the Chinese and in different parts of the world, the group, however, noted that there’s still a need to raise awareness in putting an end to the cruel treatment of animals.


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