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World’s Most Famous ‘Call Of Duty’ Player Dies: Phillip ‘Phizzurp’ Klemenov Cause Of Death

World’s Most Famous ‘Call Of Duty’ Player Dies: Phillip ‘Phizzurp’ Klemenov Cause Of Death
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World’s Most Famous ‘Call Of Duty’ Player Dies: Phillip ‘Phizzurp’ Klemenov Cause Of Death

A 23-year-old Call of Duty player died in a car accident on October 2.

The news of the death of Phillip Klemenov (also known as Phizzurp) came from his girlfriend, Adianna Lemuss. Klemenov had driven to a Dave & Buster’s restaurant on the night of the fatal crash.

As reported by CBS Denver, the accident occurred at around 2:30 a.m. at the 9900 block of East Florida Avenue in Aurora.

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Phillip Klemenov: The car ‘hit several trees and a light pole’

In a statement, the police said, “The preliminary investigation shows a black Infinity was eastbound on Florida when it lost control and rolled several times ending up on the sidewalk to the north of East Florida Avenue. The car hit several trees and a light pole in the process. An adult male passenger was pronounced dead at the scene.”

Contrary to what the police reported, Lemuss said Klemenov “wasn’t drinking and driving” and that he “never put me in a position where I was uncomfortable.” She also said that it wasn’t his car, “so he wasn’t used to driving it.”

“Phil was drinking water,” Lemuss said. “I even called him cute ’cause he was being sober that night.”

Phillip Klemenov: Call of Duty player ‘most tenured player’ in the squad

Klemenov, also known as Phizzurp, was on the H2K gaming team and was celebrated as “the most tenured player in our CoD squad,” according to his official profile. He had “always wanted to be a pro-gamer.”

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A GoFundMe page was set up to help cover his funeral costs. At the time of writing, more than $16,000 had been raised.

“My baby passed away today about 15 minutes ago,” Lemuss said in an emotional tweet. “Everybody keep good memories of him. Rest In Peace my angel.”

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