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US Starts Cold War With Russia In Norway, EU Goes Against America

US Starts Cold War With Russia In Norway, EU Goes Against America
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US Starts Cold War With Russia In Norway, EU Goes Against America

The rising Russian threat has forced US and Norway to engage in military cooperation. According to reports, US just started a new round of war games in the region because of Russia capital. Will the war games spark a new world war?

NATO made it clear before that the alliance sees Russia as a threat. Other nations have been on board with it. These include Norway and the United States. According to recent reprots, US plans to deploy around 300 marines to Norway. The troops will be on a rotational basis starting January for a year. The move goes in line with the package of measures that will guarantee NATO’s most easterly members.

US starts cold war with Russia in Norway.

According to CNN, the troops will be around 1,000 kilometers or 621 miles from the border. They are meant to boost readiness. There will also be “pre-positioned” tanks and weaponry maintained through the year. Prior the deployment, the United States and Norway will also have exercises above the Arctic Circle.

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“We are talking about hybrid warfare,” said a senior Norwegian security official. There have been increasing concerns on the rising threat from Russia. The official also said that “which is warfare under the threshold of war, where you challenge the nature of democracy.” Free access to social media also contributes.

EU goes against America.

Russia may not be the only threat that the US should worry about. According to the Wall Street Journal, the European Union now challenges the US. The EU resorted to an unprecedented step Thursday by calling out washing about violating the so-called Open Skies pact. The pact is intended to liberalize trans-Atlantic air travel.

“The challenge centers on a relatively obscure application by European budget carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, which is seeking to expand low-cost flights to the U.S. and has faced extensive delays. It represents the biggest international dispute yet over the hot-button trade issue of foreign-airline market access,” said the report.

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