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Russia’s Tanks Ready For War, Official Calls Anyone Who Interferes ‘Scum’

Russia’s Tanks Ready For War, Official Calls Anyone Who Interferes ‘Scum’
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Russia’s Tanks Ready For War, Official Calls Anyone Who Interferes ‘Scum’

Russia has  assured the world that its tank remains unrivaled, raising concerns for another world war. Likewise, the country’s culture minister warned that the Soviet’s bravery is not something to be trifled with. Could Russia be gearing up for WW3?

Russia’s Army Commander-in-Chief colonel-general confirmed that the country’s tanks are equipped with the necessary armament and military hardware. Russian Army Commander-in-Chief Colonel-General Oleg Salyukov said that the Armata tank has unmatched parameters.

Russia’s Tanks Ready For War

“The tests of the new-generation tank T-14 continue as part of the Armata R&D work. According to our estimate and in the opinion of foreign specialists, it has no analogs in the world,” TASS quoted the army chief.

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“Modernized tanks T-72B3 are currently arriving for the troops. Following the results of works that have been carried out, the ground forces have received actually a new tank with the basic characteristics close to the characteristics of modern foreign tanks and considerably surpassing them by the cost-efficiency criteria,” explained the general.

The announcement of the tanks’ capabilities comes at a time when Russia is in tensed relationships across the globe, the most prominent of which is with the West.

The Kremlin maintains that NATO expansion near borders is a hostile act. The alliance, however, disagrees, saying it is defensive in nature. The U.S. has gone out to support NATO, but things hang in the balance under Donald Trump’s administration.

Official Calls Anyone Who Stands Up As ‘Scum’

Likewise, the war is a sensitive subject for Russia. According to Russia’s culture minister, Vladimir Medinsky, those questioning Moscow’s bravery is “filthy scum.”

The statement specifically refers to anyone who goes against the “sacred legend” of Panfilov’s 28 men. According to the Washington Post, Vladimir Putin has even assembled a commission to prevent “distortion of Russian history.”

The report added that Putin wanted to emphasize how the Red Army saved everyone from Nazi Germany.

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