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World War News: Russia And Ukraine Edging Closer To War, Moscow Blocks Czech Help

World War News: Russia And Ukraine Edging Closer To War, Moscow Blocks Czech Help
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World War News: Russia And Ukraine Edging Closer To War, Moscow Blocks Czech Help

Russia and Ukraine are edging closer to a world war as the peace process stalls.

According to reports, peace talks fell into vain while Moscow also blocked the Czech aid group in Ukraine. Is Vladimir Putin moving closer to conquering the Kiev?

Ukraine’s peace process has hit a roadblock after no breakthrough came out from the talks. According to reports, four-way talks on concluding the separatist conflict in eastern Ukraine did not reach anything. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier also declared that “lip service” statements cannot achieve the desired peace.

Russia And Ukraine Edging Closer To War

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According to Reuters, despite low expectations, foreign ministers of Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia met for the talk. The officials arrived at the Belarussian capital to talk about the Minsk ceasefire accord for Donbass. However, Ukraine and Russia are strong on their positions, according to Steinmeier. Likewise, the officials could not arrive at a political agreement.

“It was very tedious again today,” Steinmeier said. “Pure lip service will not be enough to solve this conflict.”

“There weren’t any breakthroughs today. The Minsk agreements are stalled — we’re not managing to agree on the sequence of steps,” added Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as he talked to the press.

Moscow Blocks Czech Help

Previously, Reuters reported that Russian-sponsored militants in Ukraine banned Czech humanitarian organization Clovek v Tisni (People in Need, PIN). The aid group could not enter the Donetsk area in eastern Ukraine. PIN has been helping the area with ware and food. The aid group has also extended home repairs in anticipation of winter.

“Local authorities have taken immediate actions to close PIN’s office including sealing the warehouse with humanitarian aid and ordering all international aid workers to leave the non-government controlled areas within 24 hours,” said PIN in a statement.

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