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US Warships, Bombers Ready To Nuke China

US Warships, Bombers Ready To Nuke China
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US Warships, Bombers Ready To Nuke China

China and the United States are gearing up for an explosive conflict. According to reports, Donald Trump has mobilized a deadly force that could spark a world war. Will Trump pull the trigger on the next big chaos?

China and the United States are on opposite ends these days, especially over the South China Sea. The situation may not ease up soon as the two parties are expected to trigger WW3.

According to reports, the U.S. military has been mobilizing throughout the South China Sea. Specifically, the military has reportedly deployed 400 bases with warships, nukes and bombers to threaten China.

US Warships And Bombers Ready To Nuke China

It does not help that incoming President Trump has offended his Chinese counterpart. The incident happened during a phone call amidst ballistic missiles Beijing launched to show off to the U.S.

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According to the Daily Star, a nuclear war is not impossible anymore. It could be a matter of timing before the two superpowers clash. Award-winning journalist John Pilger claimed such in his documentary about the pending war.

The show, “The Coming War on China,” reveals the ring of U.S. bases. Pentagon is reportedly preparing them. In fact, Pentagon officials warned that “if you want peace, then prepare for war.”

“If you were in Beijing and standing on the tallest building and looking out over the Pacific Ocean, you would see American warships,” James Bradley, author of The China Mirage, said. “You would see the island of Guam is about the sink because there are so many missiles pointed at China.”

Trump Sparks New Trade War?

Military war is not the only thing looming for the two countries. The two nations could find themselves in a new trade war soon. According to CNBC, the two nations could lose a lot, thanks to Trump’s provocation of China via Twitter.

“I think everybody loses. And the global economy is even worse when you have the two biggest economies going after one another,” Robert Manning, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security, explained.

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