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US To Rile Russia And China With Hypersonic Arsenal

US To Rile Russia And China With Hypersonic Arsenal
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US To Rile Russia And China With Hypersonic Arsenal

The United States seems to be collecting more opponents by the day as tensions rise over the global political stage. According to analysts, the US hypersonic missile research may risk angering China and Russia despite the already tensed relations. Will the World War 3 start with the United States?

Russia and China have been warning against US military moves for a while now and things could get even worse. According to reports, the US hypersonic missile research may just trigger China and Russia despite concerns and hopes that the program may help defuse tensions over renewal of Washington’s nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) arsenal.

US to Rile Russia and China with Hypersonic Arsenal

According to Flight Global, the Prompt Global Strike (PGS) program seeks to create a hypersonic, precision-guided conventional weapon that could be activated anywhere in the globe in just an hour.

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“Initially we might think that [hypersonic] is the silver bullet,” said Mark Hilborne, lecturer at the defence studies department of King’s College London.

“But these weapons might undermine strategic agreements between nuclear states.”

According to Hilborne, China and Russia could question Washington’s assurances. What is even more alarming is that there is no agreement that can stop the two nations from having their own hypersonic missiles with nuclear warheads.

Budget Short?

Another report from Breaking Defense, says that while Congress has not passed the 2017 budget, there are rumblings already about the 2018 budget war. The report emphasized that the Army needs to overhaul its arsenal completely and that it is $40 billion short on its modernization budget.

“When it comes to the modernization, the future that I’m talking about, that has a lot to do with money,” said Gen. Mark Milley, the Army Chief of Staff.

“We have had a 75 percent reduction in our modernization accounts in the last eight or nine years, 30 percent as the secretary says in the last four years.”

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