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US Threatens Russia With Nuclear Weapons, Report

US Threatens Russia With Nuclear Weapons, Report
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US Threatens Russia With Nuclear Weapons, Report

The Russian Foreign Ministry has released a strongly-worded statement on Thursday about the United States encouraging an aggressive nuclear strategy threatening Russia. This comes following the statement of U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter casting a veiled threat that allies in Europe could result to nuclear weapons in light of a Russian attack. Will things turn sour?

Cater accused Russia previously of “nuclear saber-rattling.” Tensions have been high between Moscow and Washington as they continue to clash not just in Syria but in Europe as well. U.S. allies in the Europe including NATO have voiced concerns on Russia’s activities and its rising threat.

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“In today’s security environment, one that’s dramatically different from the last generation, and certainly the generation before that, we face a nuclear landscape that continues to pose challenges…that continues to evolve, in some ways less predictably than during the Cold War, even though many around the world and even some in the United States are stuck in the Cold War in their thinking,” Global Research quoted Carter.

Carter gave the statement during his speech to “missileers” at the Air Force Global Strike Command base in Minot, South Dakota Monday.

This and some of his statements pertaining to Russia did not settle well with the country.

“Carter’s statement means that if Russia comes under attack from U.S. allies, the Americans will be ready to back it and threaten to use their nuclear weapons against us,” the Inquirer quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry in its statement.

“We would like to think that Washington understands the meaning of such statements and their possible consequences for international security and stability.”

Russia has been clear that it is not threatening other nations, although its military buildup in Eastern Europe has registered otherwise to many nations.

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