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Russia To Show Force Against NATO, Drills Could Turn Dangerous

Russia To Show Force Against NATO, Drills Could Turn Dangerous
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Russia To Show Force Against NATO, Drills Could Turn Dangerous

Russia is making sure it is extremely capable when it comes to war, as reports about Russian military going through drills have surfaced. NATO has taken notice, saying such activities could spark trouble, perhaps strain the political relationship of the two parties further. Is world war just around the corner?

Russia to Show Force Against NATO

NATO is keeping a close watch on Russia, and the latter will be required to inform the former about its military activities. The Defense Ministry’s command will include informing the alliance’s military attaches details about its military assets, personnel, and other information in their snap drills. Russia’s revelation of cards to NATO aims to ease the tension building up in the region for the past years.

According to Russia Beyond the Headlines, Russia will unilaterally start informing NATO about snap checks in its armed forces. Frants Klintsevich, deputy chairman of the Federation Council’s Committee on Defense, confirmed the information to Izvestiya newspaper.

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Drills Are Alarming

Apart from these, Russian military officials are expected to conduct special briefings for military attaches and discuss details of exercises, including all necessary information like plans, objectives, equipment, personnel, and sites among others.

“Mutual understanding between the partners in the 1980s and 1990s was several times higher, including from Russia. I think we should not supplement the old documents, but develop new ones in accordance with the times,” said Karaganov.

NATO’s deputy secretary general, however, warned about the unannounced drills of Russia. The drills have been considered alarming. The official confirmed that the alliance would like to “develop a more stringent regime to increase transparency and …predictability and a way to better stabilize what is a very unsatisfactory relationship with Russia,” as reported by Business Insider.

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