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Russia Sends Out Nuclear-Capable Missiles to Destroy NATO

Russia Sends Out Nuclear-Capable Missiles to Destroy NATO
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Russia Sends Out Nuclear-Capable Missiles to Destroy NATO

NATO and its allies are now on alert as Russia just deployed nuclear-capable ballistic missiles to Kaliningrad on Baltic Sea. According to experts, the situation has become ‘more dangerous than Cold War,’ sparking concerns all over. Is the new world war just around the corner?

Lithuania and Poland have voiced out concerns as Moscow just confirmed the deployment of nuclear-capable Iskander missiles into its Kaliningrad outpost, which is just before NATO’s doorstep. The Polish government also expressed its anger to the decision of Moscow , even referring to it as “very alarming.” Officials from Lithuania also said that Russia’s decision could also violate an international nuclear weapons treaty.

Russia Sends Out Nuclear-Capable Missiles

“Russia is holding military exercises in Kaliningrad, and its scenario includes deployment of Iskander missile systems and the possible use of them. We are aware of it,” Aljazeera quoted Linas Linkevicius, Lithuania’s foreign minister.

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Russia dismissed the concerns, explaining that “contingents of missile troops have been moved many times and will continue to be moved to Kaliningrad region as part of a Russian armed forces training plan.” According to reports, Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov also said that Kaliningrad is “not an exception” to the exercises done throughout the country.

Wolfgang Ischinger, a German official who served as a mediator for Ukraine, also shared concerns telling the media that there was “considerable danger of a military confrontation” between Russia and the West.

“This danger has not been as strong in decades and the confidence between West and East has never been so low,” The Telegraph quoted Wolfgang Ischinger, a German official who served as a mediator for Ukraine.

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