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Russia Prepares To Declare War Vs Hillary Clinton

Russia Prepares To Declare War Vs Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton 2 DNC July 2016 Ali Shaker/VOA / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


Russia Prepares To Declare War Vs Hillary Clinton

Russia’s link to Donald Trump becomes more apparent as an American embedded within Moscow’s top foreign-policy brain trust gives light on how the Kremlin believes Hillary Clinton is out to get Vladimir Putin. According to experts, when Clinton becomes the next U.S. president, she may usher in the second Cold War. Will she trigger the conflict?

Clinton to Wage War on Russia?

In the previous month, Clinton talked about Donald Trump and how Russian president Putin can be considered the godfather of right-wing, extreme nationalism. According to Kremlin-watchers, these are random quips from the candidate.

According to Foreign Policy, looking at what Clinton is doing, it is important to go back to what Putin said two years ago when the U.S. supported an armed seizure of power in Ukraine by “extremists, nationalists, and right-wingers.” The report notes that Clinton is insulting Russia, but she is doing so using the Russian leader’s words.

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Foreign Policy notes that Russia is concerned about the fact that Clinton is a democrat. “Currently, the only voice for rapprochement with Russia is Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump. If she vanquishes him, she will have a free hand to take the aggressive action against Russia that Republican hawks have traditionally favored,” the report said.

Clinton’s Preferences

According to Zero Hedge, the difference between Clinton and Trump is that the former “wants to continue the Obama-Administration’s policy of regime-change in nations that aren’t hostile towards Russia (such as Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and now Syria), and that Donald Trump doesn’t.”

Trump is advocating to look more into U.S. national-security policies rather than taking down jihadists. Moreover, the report noted that Clinton has a track record of favoring “overthrowing heads-of-state who were either neutral or else downright friendly toward Russia, of which there have been four cases that are especially prominent: Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Viktor Yanukovych, and Bashar al-Assad.”

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