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Russia Destroying NATO, But EU More Dangerous – Report

Russia Destroying NATO, But EU More Dangerous – Report
Vladimir Putin’s annual news conference President of Russia/website CC by 4.0


Russia Destroying NATO, But EU More Dangerous – Report

Tensions have been high between a number of European nations and Russia since both sides started rallying troops near the former’s borders. However, the Danish MP now claims that the EU is a more dangerous compared to Russia, while Pentagon argues that Russia is destroying NATO. Will things end in a world war?

EU More Dangerous

While NATO and U.S. are convinced that Russia is a big threat, Danish People’s Party MP Marie Krarup says otherwise. The official is now under fire for saying that EU is “without a doubt” a bigger threat to Denmark compared to Russia.

According to the official’s interview, EU can be considered more like an existential threat to Denmark instead of Russia. The bloc represents a bigger problem.

“For Denmark? Yes, without a doubt. Just Schengen alone is a catastrophe. It’s something that will make Denmark disappear from the world map if we don’t pull ourselves together. That national borders have been disbanded is a threat against Denmark’s existence,” The Local quoted Krarup in an interview with Mandag Morgen.

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The official added that she thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin as “an exponent of an despotic, non-democratic system that we don’t want in Denmark,” and that she is willing to have the Russian president help in dismantling the EU in its current state.

“I don’t want an EU like the one we have time. I want the EU buried and replaced by a forum for free trade. That’s our policy. If Putin or Marine Le Pen [France’s most powerful Eurosceptic, ed.] can help with that, that’ just fine,” she said.

Russia Destroying NATO

Nonetheless, a Pentagon official fired back at Russia saying that the country is “undermining” the NATO alliance.

“From a US perspective, I would tell you I believe our center of gravity as a nation, through a security lens, is the network of alliances. Russia is trying to erode that,” Sputnik quoted Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford.

Some of the contributing factors include Russia’s re-unification with Crimea , European tensions, Syria and Ukraine.

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