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Nuclear War Ensues Between Russia And America

Nuclear War Ensues Between Russia And America
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Nuclear War Ensues Between Russia And America

The United States and Russia are gunning for each other as tensions across the political stage rises. According to reports, both countries may have been preparing for a nuclear war, putting each other within target range. Will the next war end the world?

While it has not been highly publicized across Western media, a new report from Global Research claims that both Russia and the United States are “rearming” their nuclear weapons systems.

Russia, for its part, is focusing considerably on the “cost-effective” restructuring process, which includes decommissioning parts of its land-based ICBM arsenal (Topol) to be replaced with better and more advanced Yars RS-24 system. The United States, on other hand, is reportedly committing billions of dollars on its modernization project.

Nuclear War Ensues

Given the current tensions and constant power play, the report also said that the new arms race has “unofficially” been launched. Additionally, the modernization process of the United States includes three legs of the triad system such as submarine-launched and land-based airborne atomic missiles.

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As for Russia, TASS reported that the Russia just redeployed and restructured ICBM system on its Western frontier. The report claims: “The westernmost strategic missile force division in the Tver region will soon begin to be rearmed with the missile system Yars.”

Nonetheless, the war between Russia and the West may just be a product of a marketing ploy by NATO, according to Alexei Mukhin, Director General of the Center for Political Information. NATO is reportedly using the “Russian threat” premise to promote its brand and products.

“We have serious concerns that Western politicians no longer have any limits and turn certain facts and the chronology of events upside down; it adjusts its virtual reality to fit its concept of Russian aggression and the peaceful nature of NATO,” Mukhin said.

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