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Vladimir Putin Accused Of Threatening NATO Alliance

Vladimir Putin Accused Of Threatening NATO Alliance
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Vladimir Putin Accused Of Threatening NATO Alliance

NATO has maintained that it sees Russia as a threat. According to experts, it appears that NATO is not ready to let go of that idea and that is actually prepared to go to war. Will NATO start world war with Moscow?

Russian Ambassador to NATO Alexander Grushko claimed that it does not look like that NATO countries will let of the idea that Russia is a threat.

NATO Won’t Let Go Of Russia Until It’s Destroyed?

“NATO still pursues the policy determined at the Wales and Warsaw summits. This policy is aimed at obtaining the central role in ensuring the Euro-Atlantic security once again, using the so-called ‘Russian threat’ myth. There are no signs yet that NATO countries are willing to abandon this course.” TASS quoted the official.

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Grushko also added that “to make matters worse, NATO has suspended cooperation with Russia even in the spheres of mutual interest.” He also went on to say that there ware global threats around. The official eliminated these as: terrorism, the situation in Afghanistan and the chaos in the Middle East. He further explained that NATO should abandon its rhetoric of Russia and its expansion of troops.

 “Obviously, NATO should abandon the discredited policy of restraining Russia and stop strengthening its eastern flank as these activities do not enhance NATO members’ security but on the contrary, they create new security issues and challenges,” the Russian ambassador said.

Putin Threatens Alliance?

Likewise, Sir Michael Fallon just warned that NATO is willing to defend its members. This could mean that the alliance is willing to go to war.

According to Express, the Secretary of Defense believes that Vladimir Putin has been pushing the resolve of the alliance given his recent military moves. This included stationing nuclear weapons with Europe within its target range.

“Test is the right word, that’s what he’s [Putin] been doing,” said the official.

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