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Hybrid War Ensues Between Russia And NATO

Hybrid War Ensues Between Russia And NATO
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Hybrid War Ensues Between Russia And NATO

It’s not just nuclear war that has countries scrambling. There’s also hyrbid warfare. The power of information is more important more than ever, and it appears that Russia is winning. Can NATO and the U.S. retaliate, or will it be a win for Vladimir Putin?

NATO officials warned that if the West does not step up efforts in fighting the information war,  things could get more troublesome. Russia has reportedly been exploiting the freedom of the press in Western media to misinform people in its favor.

Hybrid War Ensues

“Hybrid warfare” has been thrown frequently for the past years since Russia took Crimea forcefully in 2014. Since then, the world has been either a victim or a spectator on the war of words between Russia and NATO.

As what analysts previously said before, information is power, and whoever wields it could shift influence on the world political stage.

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“Political pressure, blatant propaganda, interference with the electoral process, economic coercion, secret subversive and military operations, cyberattacks, misuse of diplomatic measures, these are modern and congenial methods of the undeclared war,” VOA quoted Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko as he warned about the hybrid warfare waged against the West.

“The technology is ours. The marketing powerhouses are in our countries. Yet we’re having this discussion against the feeling of being pushed. Against the feeling of being pushed by different actors: Russia, Daesh… also China in more subtle ways,” added Director of the NATO StratCom Center of Excellence Janis Sarts.

Russia, however, begs to disagree about NATO’s premise about the Russian threat.

According to Russian experts, NATO generals are only using the idea of a Russian threat to market or promote their brand. Alexei Mukhin, Director General of the Center for Political Information, noted that NATO officials have been banking on Russian threat statements in order to change and promote “products” accordingly including brand, arms and engineering services, as reported by Sputnik.

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