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Czechs Joins War Against Russia, NATO Maybe No Match Against Putin

Czechs Joins War Against Russia, NATO Maybe No Match Against Putin
U.S. Marines serving with 1st Platoon, Bravo Company, Battalion Landing Team, 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, NATO, International Security Assistance Force cross an expansion bridge while on patrol in the Helmand province of Afghanistan on July 1, 2008. Cpl. Randall A. Clinton, U.S. Marine Corps / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


Czechs Joins War Against Russia, NATO Maybe No Match Against Putin

The fight against Russia grows more massive after Czechs decided to join the exercise in Lithuania. According to reports, Czech military will deploy soldiers to Lithuania for an exercise to be held in the Baltics next year in light of the fear about a possible Russian invasion. Can this change the tides?

Czechs Join in War Against Russia

The Baltic and Visegrad Four (the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary) countries have agreed on the one-year exercise as the nations fear of Russia’s invasion plans. However, because of capacity reasons, the Czech troops will not be part yet of NATO’s military buildup.

According to Defense Ministry spokesman Petr Medek, Czech soldiers will not join the alliance’s multinational battalions to be sent to the Baltics and Poland. He added that the ministry is contemplating on becoming part of the unit come 2017.

“In the first three months of next year, Czech soldiers will be in Lithuania,” Prague Monitor quoted Defence Minister Martin Stropnicky.

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“The exercise will include the transfer of soldiers and equipment from the Czech Republic to the Baltics and joint training with the military of Lithuania,” Stropnicky said.

“The Czech Republic wants to join the effort. However, at present it does not have the free capacities or a fully trained unit,” added Medek.

NATO No Match to Putin?

As to the ongoing conflict between NATO and Russia, National Interest’s report claims that NATO is not a threat to Moscow. The piece further claims that NATO cannot be considered an existential threat to post-Soviet Russia.

“If Russia regards NATO as an existential threat, then the 2000s, when Russia’s economy grew rapidly thanks to rising oil prices, should have been characterized by the tension we’ve observed in the last two years. But Russia did not initiate a colossal modernization of its military until 2010,” wrote Adam Twardowski.

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