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Clinton Declares War Vs Russia – Report

Clinton Declares War Vs Russia – Report
Hillary Clinton 2 DNC July 2016 Ali Shaker/VOA / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


Clinton Declares War Vs Russia – Report

Tension between the United States and Russia has gone up to alarming levels after the former is expected to declare war on Vladimir Putin. According to experts, if Hillary Clinton becomes the next president of the United States, she could focus her foreign policy efforts by discrediting Russia. Will Clinton start World War?

Clinton May Force Russia Into a Corner

According to Brian Becker of the Answer Coalition, the manner in which Clinton blamed Russia for the recent cyberattack on the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) network is a perfect example.

“So why is Clinton using Russia as a punching bag for her electoral contest?

“Is it just to try to paint Donald Trump as the Manchurian Candidate of the Russians? Or does this reflect the real hawkish hardline view?” Sputnik quoted Becker.

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“I think it’s not simply trying to defeat Trump; this is the real Hillary Clinton – the neo-conservative comeback, the demonization of Russia will be the hallmark of her foreign policy,” Becker explained.

According to Becker, Clinton’s can be considered “hawkish,” and that the candidate is “more right-wing than any other US president.” The last was Ronald Reagan and his policy towards the Kremlin.

Putin Says Russia Not to Blame

However, Putin begs to disagree in the view that the tensed relations between Russia and the United States is the former’s fault. According to the president, Moscow should not blamed for the frosty relations.

“Our relations are, regretfully, in a pretty frozen state, and I think it’s not our fault,” NBC News quoted Putin when asked about how the relationship with the United States will continue if Clinton wins the election.

“We expected that this openness will have a similar reaction from our partners. But … they’ve gazed into the magic crystal of national interests and understood it their way — now that the Soviet Union has fallen apart, we need to finish Russia off,” Putin said.

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