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China, Russia And Iran Plan To Neutralize US

China, Russia And Iran Plan To Neutralize US
US President Barack Obama during a bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping U.S. Embassy The Hague / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0


China, Russia And Iran Plan To Neutralize US

The United States appears to be making enemies on all fronts as China, Russia, and Iran are reportedly planning to neutralize the former’s influence across the Middle East. Previously, China has not dabbled into the affairs of Syria, but it appears that the country is now trying to get back at America for its intervention in the South China Sea region. Will the balance of things be disturbed?

China, Russia and Iran Plans to Neutralize US

In the previous week, China announced it is stepping up its participation in Syria to provide humanitarian aid. The move, according to Al Arabiya, seems to be another effort to step directly on American efforts.

“So far, the Chinese have been the only member the UN Permanent Security Council to stay out of the Syrian conflict, mostly out of a desire not to alienate any of their all-important oil suppliers. But it looks like their calculation has shifted,” wrote Dr. Azeem Ibrahim.

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“But secondly, it gives the Chinese the opportunity to elbow the US out of the way in yet another region of the world. Or, at least, to embarrass them a bit more,” added Ibrahim on why the Chinese decided to step into Syria despite its practice all these years.

Since Russia is now a friend, it makes sense for China to ally with the former and Iran on its bid to try and dismantle U.S. influence. However, as many analysts agree, this will only present problems along the line.

China and US Trade Challenges

The U.S. and China are still in talks on trade pact despite challenges. The two countries will need to find a way to make things work as the United States remains China’s second-largest trade partner after the European Union. America has imposed anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Chinese products and even presented cases against China at the World Trade Organization which add to the problem.

“The global economy has not emerged from its difficulties, which has led a lot of countries to adopt trade protectionist policies,” Reuters quoted China’s Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang.

“There is no evidence China is dumping steel products. Growth in exports is due to greater competitiveness of Chinese firms, as costs have fallen,” Shen said.

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