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Next War Could Be Battle Of Cyborgs

Next War Could Be Battle Of Cyborgs
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Next War Could Be Battle Of Cyborgs

The shaping World War 3 can be the very first time that a war would be fought with cyborgs against cyborgs participating in the battlefield. The United States army had just tested its latest addition to its robotics. The announcement came days after reports emerged that Russia is readying their cyborg rats. In December, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work confirmed both Russia and China are investing heavily on autonomous robots for military deployment.

The future of modern warfare is shaping up as the US Army tested a robot in the battlefield. The robot can spy and provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. A day where soldiers can fight out of harm’s way is peaking in the horizon.

The soldiers from the 25th Infantry Division of US Army were given the extraordinary opportunity to test a robot in the battlefield. Such robots may soon be their partners in the modern warfare.

Joseph Alexander, representative from Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineer Center, said robotic will be significant players in the future of modern warfare. “We want to keep the soldiers out of harm’s way, especially when it comes to mundane activities and a machine with intelligence or operated with a man in the loop may keep them safe,” Alexander said in an announcement.

The robots will specially be beneficial for the combat medics as explained by Sgt. Michael Murphy of the 1st Battalion, 27 Infantry regiment. One robot that could eventually rescue those wounded soldiers during combat means that two soldier-medics are out of the fight and safe he said. The army will be saved from further casualties. Robots can also explore the most remote of locations and bring supply of arms to soldiers caught in exchange in the battlefield according to Drew Downing, science advisor to US Army Pacific.

The US Army had also just test-field a robot that is capable in assessing chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives from a safe distance – the packBot 510 Robot. These one-of-a-kind robots for they can provide the 2nd Infantry Division’s 23rd Chemical Battalion with a remote, first-look capability in underground facilities. They would be deployed first on the front lines in Korea according to Lt. Col. Mark Meeker.

Robotics truly is the future of war. As previously reported by Morning News USA, Russia is now implanting microchips in the brains of battalions of cyborg rats. These cyborgs will eventually be deployed in the battlefield, exploring the most remote of places. These rodents will be trained to conduct surveillance and the microchips implanted in their brains will send data to soldiers.

In December, Work confirmed that the government received information that both Russia and China are developing highly autonomous robots. Both countries are intending to deploy these cyborgs to carry out military operations, Work said. “We know that China is already investing heavily in robotics and autonomy,” he said at the Center for New American Society in December as quoted by Defense One. “The Russia Chief of General Staff Valery Vasilevich Gerasimov recently said that the Russian military is preparing to fight on a roboticized battlefield and he said, and I quote ‘In the future, it is possible that a complete roboticized unit will be created capable of independently conducting military operations,” Work stated.

In November, China unveiled a team of robots that can coordinate attack with each other during combats. One robot has the ability to detect poisonous gases, chemicals and explosives and send data to soldiers. Another robot can be carried on a soldier’s back and watch over them during solo missions. The third robot in the team is the most dangerous. It is called the attacker robot and armed with guns and grenade launchers. It also has a telescope, a trigger and has the ability to shoot target from a long distance. The team of robots was unveiled at the Beijing World Robot Conference in 2015.

Morning News USA has been keeping an eye out on the shaping World War 3. The relations between US and Russia had been tensed since the annexation of Crimea in March 2014. It worsened with Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet. Relations between the U.S. and China turned sour over Beijing’s militarization in the disputed South China Sea.

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