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NATO Prepared To Take Fight To Russia

NATO Prepared To Take Fight To Russia
3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines – Barwanah Cpl. Brian M. Henner, U.S. Marine Corps / Wikimedia Commons cc


NATO Prepared To Take Fight To Russia

After securing Lithuania, NATO is looking to fortify some of the other states which remain under the threat of Soviet invasion. Poland and Turkey are fast becoming the regions which could spark a potential World War 3!

As the Kremlin piles up bombs and deadly missiles in the Kaliningrad enclave, NATO is calling in battalions from all its superpower allies to help keep the Baltic States safe from harm.

World War 3 2016: NATO Fortifies Poland And Turkey

NATO’s lack of involvement in Russia’s treatment of Syria had made many lose faith on the organization. However, NATO has since been seen throwing its support in defending Eastern European Border States.

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Although NATO is a “defensive alliance”, it’s amply clear that they will not back down in the face of threat. The Secretary Of Defense, Sir Michael Fallon, reemphasized the message in his recent interview with BBC Radio 4, reports Express.

“So, (Vladimir) Putin, I think is testing the alliance and we have to respond,” he said. “We will be confirming today our deployment of 150 troops as part of the United States battalion, which is going into Poland next spring.”

He also clarified that Putin can end the ongoing civil war in Aleppo, Syria at any moment if he wished so. And if he wishes to carry on the war, the least he can do is let in the humanitarian aids into the country.

Warfare exercises have now been shifted to Turkey instead of Lithuania. Finding and neutralizing mines, using divers, sonar and remotely operated vehicles are among the drills that are being conducted.

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The exercises, titled “NUSRET” (after a famous Turkish mine layer), started on November, 28 and will continue to December, 4. Turkey is one of the NATO-allied nations which are suffering from a constant threat from the Kremlin.

World War 3 2016: Russian-NATO Council Meeting To Be Held

Unmanned submarines, fighter aircrafts, and patrol boats, mine hunters and corvettes have been included in this exercise. In addition, ships from countries like Germany, Greece and Turkey itself are participating in the exercise, reports NATO.

After NATO’s renewed military efforts in several states, Russia has finally agreed to consider having a Russia-NATO council meeting.  However, the exact topic of discussion in the yet unconfirmed meeting has not been clarified.

“We are studying the issue,” Russia’s Ambassador to NATO Alexander Grushko told TASS on Monday. The council meeting might take place sometime before the end of November.

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