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British Troops Meet Russian Nukes Head On

British Troops Meet Russian Nukes Head On
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British Troops Meet Russian Nukes Head On

When it comes to preventing a potential Russian invasion, Britain has made it clear that an issue like “Brexit” is not going to stand in the way of them defending the Baltic States.

London has a longstanding commitment to NATO, just like the US. In the light of the recent development along the Russian border near East Europe, Britain has decided to deploy 150 troops to Poland.

The troops will be stationed near the very area that Russia has recently positioned its S-400 and Iskander missile systems. While the former is a long-range missile launcher, the latter is capable of launching nuclear warheads.

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World War 3 2016: Russia Deploys Anti-Cruise Missiles

UA Today has reported that Russia also planted Bal and Bastion missiles in Kaliningrad. These missile launchers can fire supersonic Oniks cruise missiles, meant to blast approaching battle cruises. However, having a range of more than 186 miles, these can also destroy on-ground targets.

NATO believes that the pile up of deadly missiles and nuclear weaponry by Russia at the Kaliningrad enclave is the last straw. Kaliningrad sits between Poland and Lithuania, a strategically powerful position to invade Europe from either side.

Moscow has accused NATO of advertising an extremely negative picture of Russia in front of the world. As such, Russia has declared that the Kremlin has the right to defend itself as it sees fit.

“Russia is doing all that is necessary to protect itself from NATO’s expansion towards its borders. NATO is indeed an aggressive bloc,” he said.

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World War 3 2016: UK Puts “Bilateral Relationship” Above Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May assured that Britain attaches more importance to “bilateral relationship” than political issues such as Brexit.

“We share a clear commitment to take our co-operation to the next level and to firmly establish the UK and Poland as resolute and strategic allies in Europe,” she said.

Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said the deployment of British troops was “a glimpse of the future, of how we will be deepening our country-to-country relationships with key partners in Europe” reports Express.

The troops will arrive in Orzysz in northeast Poland in 2017.

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