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Baltic States Go To Extreme Survival Mode, Citizens Preparing For Possible Russian Invasion

Baltic States Go To Extreme Survival Mode, Citizens Preparing For Possible Russian Invasion
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Baltic States Go To Extreme Survival Mode, Citizens Preparing For Possible Russian Invasion

The Baltic States are now preparing for the worst as Moscow continues to throw its weight around in the region. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are now training their soldiers in extreme survival skills to prepare for WW3 and a possible Russian invasion.

After showing its might in Georgia, Chechnya, Ukraine, and now Syria, the Baltic States fear that they might be next. Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to protect Russians wherever they live and could use this as a pretext to annex the states.

Baltic States Preparing For WW3 And Possible Russian Invasion

According to the Independent, this threat is none more apparent in Lithuania, a country that has experienced Russian occupation in the past. Young Lithuanian civilians are now being taught counter-insurgency tactics during the weekend.

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Rimvydas Matuzonis is one such teacher. Matuzonis heads a project that teaches weekend guerrilla warfare courses to civilians. Citing a popular saying, he said, “Spring will come, the cuckoo will sing and we will pave our roads with the corpses of Russian soldiers.”

Others, like Rasa Miskinyte, have taken it upon themselves to prepare should WW3 erupt. 53-year-old film producer spent last weekend learning to gather water as well as filter it for human consumption. She also took the time to learn how to create a makeshift stove out of a beer can.

Russian Aggression Sparks Fear In The Baltic States?

“Russia is a very dangerous kind of neighbor,” she said. “They are always aiming at us.” The government, in response to growing public fears, issued a preparations manual.

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Still, some in the Baltic States find assurance in their NATO membership. Some are not concerned about a possible Russian invasion. However with the organization’s primary member, the United States, threatening to reduce funding. many are now worried that they will be left at the mercy of the Kremlin.

It is not just the Baltic States that are preparing to prevent a Russian invasion. Poland, which also came under Russian occupation in the past, is creating a Territorial Defence Force to train thousands of volunteers. The training includes low-intensity hybrid warfare seen in eastern Ukraine as well as cyber warfare.

While there is no telling when WW3 will happen or whether it will happen, Russia’s aggression in the region is enough to send chills down the spine of its neighbors. If Russia does invade the Baltic States, they must be prepared to bleed men and machinery for every step they take.

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