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‘World Becomes Less Peaceful;’ MENA’s Peacefulness Plummets By 11%, Says Report

‘World Becomes Less Peaceful;’ MENA’s Peacefulness Plummets By 11%, Says Report
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‘World Becomes Less Peaceful;’ MENA’s Peacefulness Plummets By 11%, Says Report

In a recent report by non-profit organization Institute for Economics and Peace, the “world has become slightly less peaceful” due to internal conflict like civil war and terrorism, which puts the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region at the bottom of the rankings with peacefulness to have declined by 11 percent in the last eight years.

The MENA region is where many of the countries to have suffered an increase in violence related to civil unrest and sectarian strife, which resulted in placing the entire region “the least peaceful in the world,” according to the index.

Refugees, Death And Terrorism

In preparing the report, the Institute for Economics and Peace used five indicators, internal and external — all of which indicated a deterioration by more than 5 percent. These indicators, as provided by the non-profit organization, are refugees and IDPs as a percentage of the population, deaths from internal conflict, impact of terrorism, likelihood of violent demonstrations and perceptions of criminality.

Of the five indicators declining, the report said that deterioration in indicators estimating the “number of refugees and IDPs and the impact of terrorism” is most concerning.

In the latest report by UNHCR, an estimated 59.5 million people are displaced around the world. In another report by the University of Toronto, refugees in Canada were reported to have been treated like ‘garbage’ or ‘animals.’ Previously, Australia had been at the center of controversy when reports said the government paid the people smugglers (captain and crew) to turn their boats around. Rohingya Muslim refugees were also exposed to maltreatment.

“Libya experienced the largest deterioration this year. Its score deteriorated substantially and consequently, it fell 13 places down to 149th to become the 14th least peaceful country,” the Global Peace Index 2015 said.

Ukraine recorded the second largest decline because of the conflict between its de jure government and Russian separatists. The country has also become unstable due to the annexation of Crimea by Russia that was deemed to be illegal by the European Union.

On average, a country’s peacefulness score plummeted to 2.4% and according to the Institute for Economics and Peace, the peacefulness’ deterioration is not evenly distributed throughout the world as there were only 76 countries which were found to have improved while 86 countries have reportedly worsened. The index covered 162 independent states, covering 99.6 percent of the world’s population, the report said.

You can read the report here.

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