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Woman’s Life Gets Saved By Her Fitbit

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Woman’s Life Gets Saved By Her Fitbit

It looks like a fitness tracker just saved a woman’s life.

73-year-old Patricia Lauder knew there was wrong after looking at the data displayed on her Fitbit. Back in mid-January, she realized that she had a resting heart rate of 140 beats per minute. This was quite alarming since her normal resting heart rate had been 60 to 70 beats per minute.

Concerned for her health Lauder had decided to visit her doctor as she also dealt with a sinus infection. Moreover, the 73-year-old also suspected that she had walking pneumonia. Following her hospital visit, all Lauder could do was wait for the results of diagnostic tests she had taken. She is hoping they would be able to determine what’s causing her symptoms. However, over time, her resting heart rate continued to go up until it was well over 100.

“Finally, my resting heart rate got to the point where a simple chore was a big effort,” Lauder explained. And then, the unthinkable happened. Lauder’s resting heart rate shot all the way up to 140. At this point, the retiree from Harwinton had become seriously alarmed. She couldn’t wait for the test results anymore and decided to call for help.

Paramedics get the same result as Lauder’s Fitbit.

“Something else had to be done, which is why I called the ambulance — which turned out to be a good thing,” Lauder said. First responders rushed over to Lauder. During the ambulance ride, paramedics confirmed the data displaying on Lauder’s Fitbit. Her heart rate was 140 beats per minute even if she is already lying down. According to a report from CNN, Lauder was taken to the emergency department at UConn John Dempsey Hospital.

Soon as Lauder came in, doctors performed a series of tests on her. The result was a grave cause for concern. “They did a series of tests and found that I had blood clots in both lungs,” Lauder said. Due to the blockage in her lungs, Lauder’s heart has had to work extra heart to circulate blood. “My heart had enlarged to about 65% beyond its (normal) capacity,” Lauder recalled.

Seeing this, the hospital’s director of vascular and endovascular medicine Dr. JuYong Lee decided to give Lauder clot-busting drugs. He applied it directly into her blood clots using a catheter. According to UConn Today, Lauder’s clots disappeared in just 24 hours. Moreover, both her lung and heart function returned to normal.

Today, Lauder credits her Fitbit for helping her detect that something is wrong with her heart. Meanwhile, Dr. Lee also agrees that the fitness tracker helped saved Lauder’s life.

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