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Woman Wades Waist Deep Water To Save Baby Trapped Inside A Car

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Woman Wades Waist Deep Water To Save Baby Trapped Inside A Car

One nursing home worker waded through raging flood waters in order to get a baby out of a trapped car just seconds from disaster.

“The water was rising quickly. We only had a few seconds to get the baby out,” Sandra Patterson recalled. She had been on the way to store on Easter Sunday when she saw the deep water on Rapid Run Road. Patterson decided to stay in LaRosa’s parking lot as the flooding continued. And that’s when she saw them: a family with a baby trapped inside their vehicle as the water continued to rise.

Coleman and Abby Flynn were driving back to Nashville after spending the Easter weekend with family when they started encountering puddles. “There were a lot of puddles that we had to drive through,” Coleman recalled to WCPO Cincinnati.

The baby had to be saved.

However, as they passed a puddle along Rapid Run Road, the family’s car suddenly stalled. Coleman opened the car door and water gushed right in. “That’s when we realized there was a problem.” Meanwhile, all Abby could think of was their five-week-old baby who was in the backseat. “I literally was like, ‘I don’t really care what happens to use, we just have to get the baby out of the car,'” she said.

That’s when she noticed Patterson out of the corner of her eye. She braved the rushing flood waters in order to get to the Flynn’s. According to a report from WLWT5, the parents appeared to be in shock as their vehicle began to sink. “The water’s probably midway on my waist, and then I tell them, ‘We got to get the baby out, you need to give me the baby, we need to go,'” Patterson said.

Patterson got the baby out and rushed him to safety. After that, she went back and helped the couple get out as well. The next they knew, the car was underwater. Abby believes if it weren’t for Patterson, things could have become tragic for them. ” I don’t even want to think about where we would be if she hadn’t been willing to help people she didn’t even know,” Abby remarked.

Following the accident, the Flynn family managed to get a rental car. They managed to continue on to Nashville on Sunday night. Thanks to Patterson, they avoided a possible tragedy.

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