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Woman Uses Electric Shock Dog Collar On Toddler: Photo Of Lanna Monaghan Of UK

Woman Uses Electric Shock Dog Collar On Toddler: Photo Of Lanna Monaghan Of UK
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Woman Uses Electric Shock Dog Collar On Toddler: Photo Of Lanna Monaghan Of UK

A woman was jailed for three years and four months for using an electric shock dog collar on a toddler as punishment for not eating his food.

Lanna Monaghan is a former soldier. Monaghan didn’t stop at that; she also made the boy take cold showers during a 15-month period.

Other than that, she regularly bit and kicked him. She used to hit him with a wooden spoon so hard it broke.

According to The Guardian, the high court in Glasgow was told that Monaghan got herself the dog collar after she discovered its effectiveness. She came to know that the object could deliver electric shocks.

The 34-year-old army veteran confessed she had used the collar on the toddler on multiple situations on July 2015. She repeatedly fixed the collar around the toddler’s neck and administered electric shocks.

“You have pleaded guilty to a catalogue of offences over a 15-month period involving a young child who was aged two to three,” Judge Lady Rae of the High Court in Glasgow told Monaghan.

“He did not suffer lasting physical effects, but it is impossible to determine what the emotional impact on this little boy will be.”

Monaghan, who is pregnant, sat at the dock while crying continuously. Lady Rae told her it is hard to believe the attacks were made because of her temper. She went on to say that Monaghan’s attacks on the child were deliberate. The attacks would appear to be in the form of punishment for not eating food or urinating on the floor, but they aren’t so, said Lady Rae.

It was also reported by Press and Journal that Monaghan served in the army for nine years. The publication reported that she had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and had gone through an emotionally and physically abusive childhood.

Formerly of Fort Augustus, Monaghan admitted to social workers that she had been dominated by her mother to use the dog collar. However, this claim wasn’t accepted by the Crown.

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