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Woman Surprises Sick Children With Disney Princesses

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Woman Surprises Sick Children With Disney Princesses

One woman is working hard to make sure that sick children in America can get a surprise visit from their favorite Disney princesses.

When Kierra Brown was younger, her family couldn’t afford to take her to Disney World. It didn’t matter if her family lived in Florida and the park was just a few hours away. Her parents could not afford it, so she never went. Nonetheless, Brown’s fondness for Disney princesses grew. As she got older, she realized that these characters could make someone happy, even if they are very sick.

Now 25 years old, Brown is determined to spread love and happiness to children dealing with challenging circumstances in their young lives. The best way to do so is to have Disney princesses pay them a magical visit. In fact, Brown has created a university-based community service club known as the Project Princess UF. According to a report from People, Brown put out her first casting call last October, and more than 100 women showed up for the 16 princess roles.

Project Princess’ first casting call saw more than 100 women auditioning.

The girls’ mission is to take children a place far away, even if just for a little while. “Only if just for a moment, we help these children escape their realities by providing them with [a] chance to meet their favorite princesses and bring them into our enchanted world of fairy tales where anything is possible,” Brown told Babble during an interview.

The truth is, Brown has been dressing up like a Disney princess since she was 19. Putting on her Tiana costume, she decided to visit a number of hospitals in the Gainesville community. During these visits, she met a young girl who had been diagnosed with leukemia. “She was telling me how she loved me. And to see her so happy and to bring that joy to her by dressing up like a princess, it was like ‘Wow!'” Brown recalled.

Today, Project Princess has several young women regularly coming out to spend time with children in the hospital. They portray various Disney princesses including Princess Elena, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Queen Elsa, Snow White and more. Project Princess now has more than 30 active club members and 16 princesses always ready to make a child’s day magical.

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