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Woman Live Streams Herself While Driving Drunk, Gets Arrested

Woman Live Streams Herself While Driving Drunk, Gets Arrested

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Woman Live Streams Herself While Driving Drunk, Gets Arrested

A Florida woman named Whitney Beall uses live streaming app, Periscope, while driving drunk under the influence. She was arrested on Saturday night.

Authorities have arrested Whitney Beall, a 23-year-old woman from Florida, who recorded a video of herself driving drunk in Lakeland on Saturday night. She was arrested after concerned viewers called 911.

Beall used the app Periscope to livestream her potentially deadly journey while inside her car as viewers watched helplessly – begging her to stop before she hurt herself or someone else.

According to a report on 10 News, Beall was seen running stop signs and being irresponsible behind the wheel. Beall even kept reiterating that she “hoped” that the police won’t stop and give her a DUI. She scared a lot of people, who called the authorities and pleaded for help.

Beall is seen slurring her speech while dubbing herself “drunk girl driving.” At one point, she said, “I’m driving home drunk. Let’s see if I get a DUI.”

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According to CBS Local, authorities weren’t able to access Periscope in order to track her location because it’s not software-authorized for them to use. One of the officers used a personal account to locate her. It also helped that Beall revealed in the footage of the street names she was passing by. One of them was South Florida Avenue.

Police were able to finally track her down by landmarks they saw on Periscope.

Authorities finally caught up with the drunk driver in North Lakeland. When they finally reached her, Beall was threw a fit before pulling over. Police report suggests that the woman “smelled of alcohol, was disoriented, had glass eyes, appeared foggy, and failed a field sobriety test.” Beall refused to take a breathalyzer test and was promptly arrested for DUI.

Beall was later released on $500 bail.

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