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Woman Beater: Time For Cowboys And The NFL To Dump Greg Hardy?

Woman Beater: Time For Cowboys And The NFL To Dump Greg Hardy?


Woman Beater: Time For Cowboys And The NFL To Dump Greg Hardy?

The Greg Hardy story took an ugly turn last week. Deadspin obtained and published gruesome police photos of Hardy’s ex-girlfriend with bruises and abrasions (see photo above). Deadspin’s report also detailed the harrowing account of the night when Hardy allegedly “choked and threatened to kill” then-girlfriend Nicole Holder.

The former Pro Bowler’s conviction on domestic violence charges was overturned when Holder stopped co-operating with investigators. After spending 15 games on the NFL commissioner’s exempt list last season, Hardy signed with the Cowboys during the offseason and has played their last four games after his original 10-game suspension was reduced to four on appeal.

There has been outrage within the NFL community that the perpetrator of such a ghastly act of domestic violence has been allowed to remain in the league. Michael Bennett, the Seattle Seahawks defensive end, said on Sunday that he didn’t want Hardy in the locker room. “I’m a father of three daughters so any man that beats a woman, I think that’s hard for me to swallow but the Cowboys did make their choice,” said Bennett. “(The Cowboys) have had a bunch of players before that had a couple things. As a teammate, I’m not sure I would want him in the locker room, especially as a distraction when you’re already losing. It’s one of those things that would have to be up to the organization.”

While Hardy recently took to Twitter (read tweet below) to express regret for his actions, an ESPN report claims that “at no time during the NFL’s investigation, nor through his suspension and appeal, did Hardy demonstrate remorse for the incident.”

Even as Dallas Cowboys management maintain their support for their defensive end, several NFL players have taken pot shots at Hardy, especially the Philadelphia Eagles duo of Lance Johnson and Jason Kelce. After Sunday’s Eagles-Cowboys game, Kelce said: “I’m glad he (Hardy) didn’t have a good day. It’s a joke that (he) is able to play this quickly. Three people I have zero respect for in this world: People who hit women, who molest children, and rapists.”

“Greg has a commitment to us. He has a commitment to do the right thing. We expect him to do the right thing,” Cowboys owner Jones said Sunday. Coach Jason Garrett addressed one question about Hardy but declined to answer few others. “We decided we were giving him a second chance, but in doing so, the expectations and the standards we set would be very clear to him and how he and, really, everybody else is supposed to conduct themselves on the football field and off the football field,” said Garrett.

After Sunday’s game, Hardy left AT&T Stadium without talking to the media, jumping into the passenger’s seat of a white Ferrari to make his exit. (see below)

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