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Woman Arrested For Helping Out New York Prisoners

Woman Arrested For Helping Out New York Prisoners


Woman Arrested For Helping Out New York Prisoners

A woman working inside the Clinton Correctional Facility was arrested on Friday for befriending the escaped prisoners and providing “material assistance” to the convicts.

This followed a series of continuous initial investigation and talk with Joyce Mitchell, 51, who was said to have created a relationship with the two escapees before they broke out of prison last week.


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Mitchell asked to be hospitalized at the time of the escape due to panic attack.

She had been “helpful” to the authorities as to the possible whereabouts of the two prisoners.

Clinton County district attorney, Andrew M. Wylie, said in a New York Times interview, that they’re “continuing to work with her, learning more and more information each day from her as far as establishing a timeline, how this process occurred and what her involvement was.”


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Wylie dismissed earlier reports that Mitchell smuggled electrical grinders to the prisoners, but maintained that Mitchell did smuggle contrabands inside the prisoner. Details were not disclosed as to what those were.

The same report showed that Mitchell had been under scrutiny for being too close to both the escapees, prior to the escape.

There was an action “to separate” her to either or both of the inmates for a certain period.

The prisoners, Richard W. Matt, 48, and David Sweat, 34, are still on the run after executing an elaborate escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility last week.

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