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Wojcicki On Music Key Update: ‘It’s Really Magical’

Wojcicki On Music Key Update: ‘It’s Really Magical’
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Wojcicki On Music Key Update: ‘It’s Really Magical’

YouTube’s Chief Executive Susan Wojcicki has set records straight on what makes Music Key different from other music streaming sites, quipping, “it is really magical,” during Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech event on Monday.

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“Well, I think it’s a little bit different because the music and purpose we have is different,” Wojcicki said, beaming. “It’s different because we have the music videos, which being able to see your favorite music artists perform a song and see what they imagine when they created that song, it’s really magical and so being able to have that.”

“But to help with that, we have the user-generated clips of other people [covering that song],” she added.

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Wojcicki also disclosed that Music Key’s top three priorities are “Mobile, mobile, mobile,” owing to the fact that tablet and smartphones are now the preferred devices among users.

“A lot of our focus is on how we continue to make that better. What are the UI experiences, what are the creation experiences, how do we make it really fast? I think mobile is changing everything and it will continue to change it more in the future,” Wojcicki was quoted by Billboard as saying.

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Earlier, it was reported that Music Key would capitalize on very heavy music users. And since most of YouTube’s viewers are made from tablets and smartphones rather than on desktop computers, Wojcicki said, “That’s where the company is spending its time and money.”

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Late in 2014, Music Key was introduced in its beta version, enabling users to listen to their songs without the annoying ads and with an option of playing the songs offline. Users can also access endless playlists based on their artist choice or music genre. Music Key seeks to ameliorate YouTube’s profits which were reportedly hurting.

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