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Wisconsin Creepy Clown With Black Balloons: Facts To Know About The Clown

Wisconsin Creepy Clown With Black Balloons: Facts To Know About The Clown
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Wisconsin Creepy Clown With Black Balloons: Facts To Know About The Clown

A quiet neighborhood in Wisconsin has gone gaga after residents spotted a weird-looking guy dressed like a clown and carrying black balloons in the middle of the street.

Local police are saying they have received several reports of the man’s sighting, but their hands are tied, especially since the man is not doing anything illegal. A report from USA Today revealed that the man was carrying four black balloons, dressed up in a long shroud with a clown’s mask.

Can’t be Arrested

But officers at the Green Bay Police Department said they could not arrest the man just yet, because it’s not doing anything against the law. Local residents now call the clown Gags, and a special Facebook page has been set up so residents could post sightings of him.

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“This person is not breaking the law. He can walk in a clown costume anywhere he wants. At the end of the day, it’s just a person walking around in clown costume,” said Captain Kevin Warych of the Green Bay Police Department was quoted as saying by the USA Today.

The first reported sighting of Gags was at around 2 a.m. on August 1, and a few more sightings were reported on the dedicated Facebook page where photographs of gags have been posted.

More Sightings

According to a separate news report from the NBC 26 News, the clown could not be arrested as long as he is in a place that’s not supposedly closed, like the park. Warych added that anyone can walk in the sidewalk in whatever dress he wants at anytime of the day.

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As of posting, the Facebook page has already more than 8,000 likes. Many residents also shared how they would probably react if they spot Gags in person.

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